About Foodie

Foodie.ae is a market place for homemade food. Browsing through the website, many individual chefs and home made foods can be discovered. Everyone can get in touch with people who can make good food and order to them according to their needs.

For Chefs

List your delicious home made food made from your secret recepies. You can post each item along with it's price, picture and details. People can browse through all different posted items and send you message to order. Make sure to have planned your strategy for delivery or collecting of the items to be able sell your items smoothly.

For Individuals

If you are fancy foods from different cusines, made by people who love to bake sweets and prepare meals, you are in the right place. Browse many different dishes and contact the chefs directly to order your food. You can find a chef near to your office or home to get dailt dishes.


You may contact us at support@foodie.ae